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Shannah Baker

Certified Personal Trainer and Certified legend

Originally from a coastal town called Mandurah in Western Australia, Shannah grew up with her grandmother and decided one day to take a flight to

Queensland where she now has called home for the last 13 years. A passion for fitness, horse riding, her dogs, the beach and the country, Shannah finds filling her cup on a place like the Gold Coast easy. Shannah spent 2013 – 201 competing professionally in bodybuilding as an IFBB Bikini Athlete, has a background in fitness and a certificate in Personal training. Shannah now enjoys a more relaxed approach to fitness, recently recovering from a fractured spine she is on her comeback mission! Favourite product: Cranberry Green Tea X50 and Pure Collagen. Top tips for living life better: Get out in nature as much as possible, move and nourish your body, fill your cup doingthings you love!Look after your mental health (journaling and meditating help a lot!), practice self-development.

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Sally Wu

Certified Nutritionist

Sally loved health and fitness from a young age, joining her first gym when she was only 14. However, it was until almost 10 years later (and graduating from uni with a Bachelor of Laws and Journalism) did she pursue her passion as a career

During her years in the fitness industry, Sally has competed in a bikini competition (ICN), coached personal training and nutrition clients, and managed group fitness gyms on the Gold Coast.

Favourite product: Pure Collagen and Showtime

Top tips for living life better: Look after your mind, body and spirit. Health is more than just eating well and exercising, it’s also what you feed your mind, and how you speak to yourself. I made the biggest shift in my life when I started to shift my mindset to see the good, the positive, and the lessons in life.

Daily checklist:

Move your body

Eat the rainbow

Practice gratitude


Spend time with people who lift you up

Connect with loved ones

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Bianca Richardson

Bachelor of Science Naturopathy & Bachelor of Nutrition

Bianca Richardson has a passion for maintaining optimal health. She has been in the Natural Medicine industry for over 30 years lecturing, researching,

conducting clinical trials, training, consulting with dietary and supportIng many elite
athletes in helping them to achieve their goals and successes.

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Eleanor N.