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The Benefits of a Month without Bevvies

Mike Bilton


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Craving grapes this Dry July?
 The Smart Alternative to a Glass of Wine
We all know the feeling… it’s been a long day and all you are craving is a glass of wine and the latest TV series you’re obsessed with. Well, it turns out, you are far from alone. In fact, according to the Dry July Foundation, around 80% of Australians drank alcohol last year and 1.9 million of us drink more than six standard drinks a day – and that is based on a time without a global pandemic!
That’s where Dry July comes in (or any other month you decide to give up the booze). You see, giving yourself a break from the cycle of drinking can have a profound effect on your mind and your body. Here’s how:
Glowing skin If you find your skin feeling a little lack lustre after a night out and you feel like drinking a swimming pool-sized bottle of water, that’s because alcohol is a diuretic. That means it makes you expel water faster, so you’ll go to the bathroom more. Sound familiar? However, a month without drinking can help hydrate your skin, making it appear fuller and plumper; you’ll look younger, and any fine lines will be harder to notice (yes, please!). A sober month also allows you to focus on drinking enough water every day. If that sounds uninviting, all you need to do is spice up your daily water bottle with X50 Green Tea – it’s full of nutrients and antioxidants (all of which your skin will love) and most importantly, it’s delicious.


Focused mind Drinking too much alcohol is also a drain on your brain. It can lead to sleepless nights, mood swings and even slow reflexes. But don’t worry, a month off the turps can help your mind feel more focused – you may even feel like you can concentrate more, you’ll sleep better (fewer 3am toilet dashes!) and you may feel more confident. All this can help you perform better at work and feel more able to take charge of your life. Drinking less (and giving it up all together) has been proven to help improve our mental health; it can reduce anxiety and feelings of stress, and it can reduce any mental health triggers you may have. It’s a no brainier, eh?


Improved nutrition Drinking less alcohol can also improve the way your body functions. “But wine has antioxidants?”, we hear you say. And that’s true, it does. But there are better ways to get those antioxidants than a bottle of your favourite red. All you need to do is add a sachet of the new X50 Grape Green Tea to your water bottle. Not only will you be hydrating yourself with a grape-flavoured bevvie, you’ll also be giving your body a super charged hit of antioxidants and nutrients. (It’s a limited edition, though, so get in quick).
On top of that, giving up the after-work drinks will also help you eat better.


How? When we’re drinking, we’re more likely to reach for that packet of salt and vinegar chips, or stop off at that burger joint near home. So instead of eating food that works for your body, you’ll be stuffing fries in your mouth faster than you can
say, “Chicken salt, please”. That said, the key to healthier eating is a more focused approach on your nutrient intake, and a careful management of snacks. We’re not saying a pack of chips isn’t the way to go, we’re just saying that instead of potato chips, try X50 sea salt broccoli, cauliflower or (our favourite) mushroom chips instead. They are packed-full of vitamins and nutrients, so even though they’re super tasty, you’ll feel like you’re eating a cheat day snack (with benefits).
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