Popular questions

Can I consume your products when pregnant or breastfeeding?
We recommend double checking with your doctor first!

How many serves do you recommend per day?
Green Tea X50 – 2 per day
Green Tea X50 with Matcha – 2 per day
Revolver High-Performance Coffee – 1 per day
Showtime Thermoshred – 1 per day
Fresh Tea Marine Collagen + Shroom – 2 per day

I'm not a fan of green tea, so does this mean I won't enjoy Green Tea X50
Green Tea X50 was formulated for both green tea lovers and those who don't like the taste but are wanting the health benefits.

I suffer from diabetes; can I still have Green Tea X50?
We have many diabetics using our Green Tea X50. Although, as everyone's condition is different we always recommend checking with your doctor first.

Does Green Tea X50 contain sugar or is it naturally sweetened?
Green Tea X50 is naturally sweetened. 

When should I have Green Tea X50?
We recommend you enjoy Green Tea X50 with your breakfast and again just after lunch. Although there are no rules, just enjoy Green Tea x50 when it works for you. 

How is Green Tea X50 different to normal green tea?
Green Tea X50 is a very concentrated extract created from fresh green tea leaves that provides all the health benefits of green tea including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibres and polyphenols otherwise known as flavonoids. While normal green tea is healthy for you, Green Tea X50 is so concentrated it provides even more health benefits.

Will Green Tea X50 improve my health?
Used by Asian cultures for thousands of years for herbal remedies and health benefits, green tea has powerful antioxidants and thermogenic properties to improve your health. Along with assisting the body's natural fat burning process, Green Tea X50 also assists with protecting cells from oxidative damage from free radicals as well as supporting cardiovascular health. Studies have also revealed that antioxidants also help to slow the ageing process.

What are polyphenols?
Polyphenols are the natural compounds commonly found in fruits and vegetables, which is what makes Green Tea X50 so unique. Within these groups of polyphenols is a super antioxidant called a catechin which is up to 100 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C. It is this super antioxidant that efficiently fights off free radical damage, which cause cell damage and are correlated to ageing and disease.

What do you use to mix Green Tea X50 sachets?
It's easiest to use a bottle or a shaker to mix your Green Tea X50 sachets.

How much Resveratrol is in Green Tea X50?
Green Tea X50 contains fallopian japonica root extract which is the equivalent to Resveratrol 32.6mg

Do you have an Afterpay minimum?
Yes, we have minimum order sub-total of $40AUD to qualify for Afterpay.

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