About x50

In 2009 Steve Trinder (the husband) found himself on a little weight loss journey (he had been in a good paddock for a few years after leaving the Sydney life of modelling and acting – Home & Away/E-Street/MMM/Coca Cola/Levis). On an overseas holiday in 2009 we visited a well-known Chinese medicine doctor. The recommendation.... lots of green tea and one banana a day. Small problem, Steve didn’t like green tea (I loved tea and green tea in particular) but after researching all of the benefits he pushed through each cup of tea. Seeing results he researched more and felt like he had to share the wonders of green tea with the world but in some tasty way !! Armed with abundant research for weight loss with green tea, Green Tea X50 was born (X50 is pronounced ex-fifity). Steve made sure his Green Tea X50 was formulated so there was enough of the green tea weight loss compounds in each serve to create a thermogenic effect. Green Tea X50 was really a unique and revolutionary product, a blend of green tea and resveratrol, in powder form, with natural flavours and packed in handy single serve sachets, so you can carry it everywhere.


After 3 years of treading the boards and lots of word-of-mouth recommendations, Green Tea X50 really exploded in 2013/14. It was before the era of paid influencers so back in those days you would see people like Chontal Duncan, Ashey Bines, Rachel Dillon, Lauren Simpson, Sophie Guidoline, Steph Fit Mum, Davina Rankin, Shannah Baker, Skye Wheatly, and Emma Rose loving our X50 products and promoting them for FREE. From there the sky was the limit and Green Tea almost X50 was and still is in almost every health supplement store and gym across Australia plus Priceline and pharmacies.

From humble beginnings, wow what a ride. And here I was thinking I was going to be a lawyer my whole life!

10 years later and as of 2020 we are now home to three amazing brands, X50 Lifestyle, Veego and Athletic Sport. All of this from one small idea that took the world by storm. The game changing product Green Tea X50 is still as popular as ever. X50 is continually evolving and is well placed to offer the best quality daily essentials for energy, feeling good and looking good.

What about this for an OMG moment, we crunched the numbers and in 2019 more than 5,100,000 Green Tea X50 drinks were sold!

You’ll now find X50 in 87 countries across the world, having a base or partners in UAE, NZ, UK and EU.

What drives us every day? Making Healthy Choices Easy, feeling good and above all else having FUN. Live to laugh, live life better.