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Which herbal tea is best?

Mike Bilton


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Getting 2 litres of water in each day can seem like a mammoth task. But did you know that you can jazz up your water to gain some impressive health benefits. Herbal tea has a long history, stretching back thousands of years. With a seemingly endless limit of tea blends available, it can be hard to decide what blend is best suited for you.

Here at x50 we’ve tapped into that history and crafted our very own unique blend of herbal teas for inner health. Our herbal tea range has the perfect blend to help improve your health whether that is by helping you relax and unwind at the end of a busy day or improving your digestive health and reducing inflammation in the body.

Getting enough zzzz’s each night can prove to be a challenge, our Sleepy blend is the perfect companion to your night-time routine. Chamomile helps to soothe and calm, helping to restore natural sleep rhythm and get a goodnights sleep. Additionally, lavender has been added for a refreshing flavour boost and to help soothe inflammation and lower blood pressure.

On the flip side we also have a dedicated day cleansing blend. This is your secret ingredient to starting each day with a spring in your step.  Siberian ginseng works to increase your focus, mood, and energy levels. Helping you to avoid feeling lethargic and sluggish during the day.

Our dedicated antiflam blend is a delicious caffeine free blend designed to boost your digestive health and ease inflammation in the body. Turmeric is the stay ingredient, working its magic to calm and ease inflammation in the body.

With cold and flu season fast approaching, having an ace up your sleeve in the form of our immunity blend tea provides a boost to your immune system. Echinacea which is found in our dedicated immunity blend helps your body to recognise and fight colds and flus. Leading to reduced downtime, and severity of colds and flus.

Whether you want something to warm you up in winter or cool you down in summer, herbal tea can be enjoyed year-round. With endless health benefits to improve your digestive and immune system, to helping put a smile on your face each day, you’re sure to find the herbal tea that is right for you. Check out our collection of herbal teas here.


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