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The little-known mushroom with impressive superpowers

Mike Bilton


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The surprising benefits of chaga mushrooms

Why you should be eating chaga mushrooms right now & why everyone is talking about chaga mushrooms…

Nutrient dense and packed full of amino acids, chaga mushrooms are the new kids on the superfoods block.


When you think of mushrooms, your mind might wander to a creamy shitake mushroom pasta or button mushrooms on toast, and while those types of mushrooms still hold (delicious) health benefits, there’s a little-known mushroom that packs a much bigger nutritional punch.


Say hello to the chaga mushroom… Sure, it doesn’t exactly look like a mushroom, in fact it resembles rough bark because it clings to the side of birch trees across the northern hemisphere, but despite that, it’s actually one of the most hard-working ingredients you’ll find. We like to think of it as our little secret weapon for a healthy mind and body. 


Why we love it

The chaga mushroom has been popular since the 1500s in European folk medicine and has gained in popularity over the past few years, with researchers now interested in its amazing array of health benefits. So, why is it so good for us? Well, not only does it contain vitamin B and D, it’s also a great source of potassium, fiber, zinc, iron and magnesium, as well as other highly nutritious elements. On top of that, chaga mushrooms are packed full of antioxidants and are a good source of amino acids.


The health benefits

What does all that mean? Well, due to their nutritious make up, chaga mushrooms are believed to help combat stress (yes, please!), lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, relieve inflammation, and aid gut microbiota health. Most importantly for the winter season, chaga mushrooms help support our immune system – keeping us healthier throughout the year.


How to include it in your diet

Despite its benefits, the challenge is how to consume the chaga mushroom; it can’t be eaten raw, and an extraction process is needed for it to become bioavailable (absorbed in our bodies). Luckily, chaga mushroom powder can be added to water, in tea for example, where it can help the absorption of other nutrients as well. To enjoy the full benefits, try a combination tea such as the X50 Fresh Tea Marine Collagen + Shrooms, which includes Marine Collagen (for healthy hair, skin and nails) as well as chaga mushrooms for a flavour hit that is jam-packed full of nutrients.

Not only that, but this delicious mixture also includes superfoods broccoli sprouts and curcumin to help reduce inflammation and boost your health. Enjoy a cup after your morning workout, with ice for a cool-down drink or add it to your water bottle and sip on it throughout the day. Think of X50 Fresh Tea as the ultimate multi-tasker for your well-being and glowing skin.  



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