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Meet the coffee that works harder than you do

Mike Bilton


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The New Multi-Taking Coffee (you’ll love) 

Make your morning cuppa work double time by drinking coffee with benefits


It’s official. Australia is a nation of coffee drinkers. In fact, three in four Aussies admit to reaching for their morning brew every single day, and more than one fifth of us feel we can’t survive the day without it (no judgement here!). Whether it’s the caffeine hit or that creamy coffee taste, Australian’s are some of the most discerning coffee drinkers in the world, but just as we try to eat well and exercise regularly, we think it’s time to ask the question: Is your morning cuppa making you healthier?




One way to make sure is to sip on X50 Revolver MCT & Collagen Coffee. It’s the coffee with (serious) benefits that has become a cult hit in Australia. Why? Well, here are five reasons Revolver MCT & Collagen Coffee should be on your radar… and in your coffee mug:


The flavourful coffee taste

Don’t worry, this isn’t a coffee substitute; you won’t get withdrawals and want to late-night text your old coffee pods. That’s because X50 Revolver MCT & Collagen Coffee is coffee with added goodness. The coffee taste is still as good as it gets, creamy and full of flavour, so you won’t be compromising your tastebuds or missing your usually brew. It’s just a multi-tasking, healthier drink that your body will appreciate.


It’s a hard worker

Along with all the roasted coffee flavour, this industrious little drink is also infused with Medium-Chain Triglycerides (more commonly known as MCTs). This all-natural ingredient can improve brain and memory function, aid weight loss and help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Not bad for something that you won’t taste or even notice as you sip!


Get an energy boost
Another benefit of MCT is the fact it provides an instant energy hit that the body can quickly and efficiently absorb (hello, Monday morning!). It’s a natural super fuel, if you will. Each cup contains five grams of MCT, so get ready to be productive!


It’ll make your skin happy

As the name suggests, X50 Revolver MCT & Collagen Coffee, also contains a hydrolysed version of Collagen, which is more bioavailable. That’s important because collagen is one of those wonder ingredients that boosts your nails, hair and skin, creating a more youthful appearance. The generous 5.1gm of collagen helps boost our body’s natural supply, so you’ll have that well-rested, glowing look all day.


There’s a vegan option

Along with all of these benefits, there is also a vegan version, which has the addition of broccoli powder, turmeric which is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, and antioxidant-strong ginseng, which is known to fight fatigue and boost energy levels.


So, grab a hot cuppa (or make it an ice coffee) and let X50 Revolver MCT & Collagen Coffee do all the heavy lifting for you.  


By – Lucy E Cousins

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