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Lychee Green Tea X50 Mojito (Mocktail)

Mike Bilton


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Lychee Green Tea X50 Mojito (Mocktail)

The Lychee Green Tea mojito is the perfect mocktail or cocktail to keep hydrated while the sun is shining and we're out in the garden or by the pool. Whip up four cocktails in under five minutes so you've got more time to socialise and less time in the kitchen!


› 1 x Lychee Green Tea x50 sachet

› 1lt mineral water

› Fresh mint

› Fresh lime wedges

› Crushed Ice



Muddle some mint & lime juice into a tall glass, add ice & mix Lychee Green Tea X50 sachet into 1lt of mineral water and pour over ice! Grab your friends, this recipe makes 4 mocktails!

More of a cocktail kind of day? Add 30ml of Bacardi over the ice before adding in the mineral water and Green Tea liquid.

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