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X50 Skinny Protein - I have tried a few protein powders and I must say X50 is one of the best ones out there. Available at a reasonable price and a great source of protein. Low carb, low fat, naturally flavoured and added green tea. I tried the chocolate so far and love mixing it in my smoothie or even just mixing it with water. Tastes great and works. I use it in combination with the Green Tea X50 and can really see results. The green tea and protein powder give me so much positive energy and fuel for the day. However, remember to follow healthy recipes and have a balanced diet when taking supplements...and of course don't forget to work out as well. ;) Tribeca Health has some great tips and healthy and yummy recipes online. Can't wait to try more flavours of the protein powder. PS: Even though it says the powder is especially designed for women, men can use it as well. My partner uses it and loves it as much as I do. Would def. recommend this brand.. also no nasty ingredients! And the results? Amazing!