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Green Tea X50 Twin Pack 30 Serve

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Variety is the spice of life and our Twin Pack Green Tea X50 30 Serve is the best way to choose two different flavours of Green Tea X50. Why not pick one favourite and one new flavour? Treat yourself! 

Why are people all over the world adding a sachet of Green Tea X50 to chilled water? Because they want to squeeze every last drop out of their day and feel good while doing it. Green Tea X50 is your go-to for a boost of clean energy, extra antioxidants (because you can never have too many!) and a healthy dose of green tea that works to boost your metabolism.

We also can’t forget to mention one of our star ingredients, resveratrol! Resveratrol is a super antioxidant commonly found in grapes (and the reason why they say red wine is good for you!). We added Resveratrol to our formula to boost anti-ageing and protect against free radicals. 


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